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Do you love Thai food?

I was sitting on a plastic stool at an open air noodle shop by San Plu Market in Bangkok, slurping some wildly satisfying street food when it hit me. All at once, I realized I could never go on without these flavors. 

I wasn't getting this in the Thai restaurants back in the states, and I am not one to miss out on an unforgettable meal. 

Let me share with you the kitchen hacks I've developed through years of researching this rich and diverse cuisine to make faithful renditions of Thai dishes simple and rewarding to make at home. 

Become a better cook in just 1 week!

  • Learn helpful skills that will benefit your everyday cooking. 
  • Get familiar with a Thai pantry of flavors. 
  • Learn to identify and prepare classic regional Thai dishes.
  • Get access to video tutorials, written recipes, and helpful notes to move Thai food into your regular cooking repertoire. 

Useful Resources

To help get you started, check out these inspiring adventures in food: 

Best Noodles In Bangkok - Namya Bar

With lots of simple add-ins, this pork kanom jin recipe is perfect for each diner to custom-tailor their own unique creation.

Regional Southern Thai Food - Tu Kab Khao in Phuket Town

I was blindsided by this Phuketian stewed pork recipe. With Portuguese influence as well as Chinese applications, this has actually become one of my favorite rich and satisfying winter weather dishes!

Course Curriculum

What's included?

22 Videos
21 Texts
Jakob Polaco
Jakob Polaco
Chef and Writer

About the instructor

Hey, my name is Jakob and I help people cook and eat well. I draw inspiration from destinations that are off the beaten path, and provide useful tips and videos to help people with their next delicious adventure. I have cooked and travelled in seven countries, over three continents, at several of the coveted 50 Best Asia and Michelin Starred restaurants in the world. I am just as much at home behind a grill in Chile as I am on a motorcycle burning through Thai mountains. I have a stomach for adventure and love to help folks who feel the same!

Never miss out on a great meal again! Let me help you to step out of the takeout comfort zone and into cooking killer Thai food at home by enrolling today.

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